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Shut. The. Front. Door!

Updated: Apr 16

The front door of your home can set the tone for your whole property which is why choosing a front door colour is so important – and so scary all at the same time. Timber Doors. White Doors, Black & Grey Doors, Bright colour doors?!? So many choices and only one door!

Need some ideas, but not wanting to scroll through 1000’s of photos on Pinterest only to be overwhelmed and not any closer to choosing a colour? Keep on scrolling to see some of my favourite front doors that the Neilsen’s Painting team have painted over the years.

Stunning front door colour Dulux "Vivid White"

Old Faithful - White Door

Are you leaning towards a beautiful crisp white door to finish off the front of your home? Be Warned... selecting a white colour for your front door may seem like the "safe" option at the time - rest assure there is only 100's of different #white shades to choose from.

However, depending on your exterior colour scheme, a white door may just be the final touch needed!

Fancy a bit of colour in your life?

Are you after a WOW factor for the front of your home? Something that instantly makes your home stand out in the street? A bright coloured door could be the answer!

TIP: When you are painting a statement door like the ones just down below (all of our own work of course) additional preparation of the door is a must, otherwise the cracks & imperfections will be the main star not the colour.

Picture 1 & 2 - Taubmans "Toby's Collar" Picture 3 - Dulux "Symphony Red"

Timber is so hot right now

Intergrain Exterior Ultra Clear

A beautifully stained timber door (pivot or not) is an excellent way to add a subtle, yet sophisticated element to your homes front fascade.

We typically use either Intergrain or Sikkens to coat all timber work. Each of these products have their particular benefits & colour ranges. Have a quick look on their websites to see which one suits your needs

Black is the new Black

My personal favourite. I love a black door as much as I love my favourite LBD. We recently completed a full repaint of a magnificent 100year old Queenslander in Milton, QLD -#watchoutforthenextblog - and along with this project came a stunning black front door with gold handles #blackandgold #classic

Side Note: If you are a shopping for a builder who specialises in building & renovating Queenslander homes - contact the A & M Building.

Dulux "Black Caviar"

Now, if none of these options suit what you are looking for, there is no need for panic. Here are some of my go-to Inspo pages when I am needing a little help.

Thanks, Angie - The P4INTA Wife

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