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Interior Painting

You spend most of your time at home. We offer a wide range of services to assist with your interior painting needs.

Interior painting services Brisbane

Patch & Paint

Had a rental boo-boo? Kids gone Picasso on your walls? Not to worry - we have it covered (literally). From expert paint-matching to application and finish, Neilsen’s will make your boo-boo’s a thing of the past.


Feature Walls

Want to showcase your bedhead? Highlight your 65” wall-hung TV? Or need a business-specific colour in a new shop fit-out? Neilsen’s will provide the expertise you need so it doesn’t look like an epic Pinterest DIY fail (remember sponge walls? Cringe).



Need to breathe more life into a room that’s copped a brush-bashing? Trust us to restore the well-meant (but sadly under-performing) job that’s managed to devalue your favourite room in the house. Decided greige is the new black? We can transform your walls and roof to uplift and inspire the smallest (or biggest) space to feel like a different home, altogether.


Got Mould?

Let’s face it - we live in a tropical climate and some houses just weren’t built to withstand the humidity or have become moisture-traps. We will remove the mould, and re-paint with a mould-resistant paint - so it won’t come back. You’re welcome.

Recent Interior Projects:

Neilsen’s Painting offers superior care and skill for all your interior painting needs. We go above and beyond - even removing unwanted wallpaper (goodbye, baby-poo yellow!) and are flexible with your needs. We aren’t a one-size-fits-all biz, and are happy to do a bit of ‘this-and-that’ painting to save you time and money, only addressing your pressing problem areas.

Ready for a fresh coat?

With a FREE quote, FREE colour consult, and a 5 YEAR GUARANTEE on all our works, you can get your painting jobs assessed, receive professional colour advice, and a guaranteed job - with no risk!

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