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Exterior Painting

The exterior of your house is the most visible aspect! We offer a wide range of services to assist with your exterior painting needs.

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New Homes

What a perfect opportunity to create your dream colourscape. With a blank canvas, we can turn your dream palette into life! Set the tone and energy in your new home with optimal colour selection and combination. Don’t know what you want? Let us help you. Have a very specific vision - trust us to replicate it! We work for YOU.  


Existing Homes

Not sure if your house was originally white, or if it’s always had a dreary hue? Feel like brightening your neighbourhood with unconventional colour ideas, or elevating your home in an otherwise-bland street? We will work with you to deliver on any of the above. Let’s get those neighbourhood chins wagging! *this service still carries our 5-year guarantee.



Discovered you have lead-based paint encasing your home? Old, dreary, chipped and damaged paint cramping your style? We will remove the problem paint and replace it with our high-quality, expertly-applied paint of your colour choice. Don’t know what colour? Enter stage left: Trent, the colour-wizard. We will have you sorted in no time.


External Elements

Want the house to match the driveway/fence/deck or any combination of the above? We can cater to these elements, too, to ensure cohesive and aesthetically pleasing results for your entire home.

Recent Exterior Projects:

It’s all in the details. It’s all about the preparation. In today’s existence, we are home more than ever before and as they say - change is as good as a holiday. If you want exceptional, old-school service paired with unsurpassable quality and affordability - you’re in the right place.

Ready for a fresh coat?

With a FREE quote, FREE colour consult, and a 5 YEAR GUARANTEE on all our works, you can get your painting jobs assessed, receive professional colour advice, and a guaranteed job - with no risk!

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