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Oh, Why Hello there!

Welcome to the Neilsen’s Painting blog! I'm a working mum with a serious coffee obsession; lover of Lorna Jane active wear; my three cattle dogs, and prize myself on being the ultimate ninja of removing paint from all items of clothing! #MumLife

My hubby and I created Neilsen's Painting back when we were spring chickens and have been professionally slapping paint on walls for nearly ten years. It has been a hard slog but we are passionate for all things paint, design and homes. So our love has propelled us into great success – we love what we do!

I have learnt a few tips and tricks surrounding the painting and construction industry that I would like to share with you guys, who love to decorate, re-design and revamp, but don’t have the know-how and exposure to the industry that I do.

Paint colour selection dilemmas? I’m your gal! Not sure where to start? I can help!

I have picked up some time savers and life changers helping my husband create one of the top professional painting companies in North Brisbane. Let me help you!

So if you are keen, join me on this adventure and follow our blog, while I share our latest projects, seasonal colour picks, and handy tips to make your project the best it can be.

Thanks, Angie - The P4INTA Wife.

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